It all began..

…one evening at bath time when  my 5 year old daughter sadly said to me, “You don’t love me anymore.”  I said, “That’s not true,” and asked her why she felt this way.  Miss 5 informed me that I said, ‘good girl’ to Miss 1 more than I did to her.

And so… I set to work, writing a story to cheer up Miss 5, telling her how special she is.  She was the star of the story – Tilly Bear,  Miss 1 was Baby Bear and I, of course,  was Mamma Bear.  Miss 5 loved it!

What fun I had playing around with rhymes and repetition and searching for the best words to use.

At first the story was too short so I added to it and changed parts many many many times until I was completely happy with it.

I now have a journal full of ideas and funny stories.  Writing stories for children is addictive!

Feel free to reply.  Would love to hear from other people about the funny things their children say and do or any suggestions to help me with my writing.


4 thoughts on “It all began..

  1. Oohhh, how exciting, I know an author! My now 6 year old is hopeless at dealing with things that don’t go his way. Like today, walking out from voting, and he didn”t keep up with me, suffice to stay his special helium filled balloon popped (I knew what was coming)… Yep, screaming crying, world ending and when I refused to go back and get him another one, it really kicked off – I hate you, I’m not getting in the car, you go back and get me a balloon NOW, then, in the car, I’m going to kill you, I want to go and live with dad and you can’t visit me, I’m going to pop *brother*’s balloon when we get home…. And on and on… Until we get home and he’s given a stern warning that if he continues his brother will get McDonald’s for tea and he will have toast -all over, speaking politely, using manners… But no apology, or need to apologies… So, what you got to help with that??

    Seriously, are you going to publish some of the things you’ve written?


  2. Good for you Rach. I do a similar thing. I sent one story off but never heard a reply. Don’t give up. Just sharing your stories with your kids is a precious thing.


  3. Wow Rachel, how exciting! I have already enjoyed reading your comments and posts. I am so glad that you are doing something that you really enjoy and that is so worthwhile. Go for it!


    • Hi Katie,
      Glad you like reading my posts and thanks for leaving a comment. I’m following a couple of other blogs that have handy hints for writing short stories, poems and children’s picture books which I am finding really helpful. I submitted a couple of children’s picture book manuscripts to the CYA conference competition so fingers crossed!!


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