Are We There Yet?

I’m sure many of you have heard these words said over and over again on family car trips.  I know I have!

  During a trip from Brisbane to Rockhampton last Christmas, my daughter started asking, “Are we there yet?” when we hadn’t even reached Caboolture!  So, my husband explained to her about how many kilometres per hour we were travelling and showed her the numbers on the road signs etc and we told her that she could only ask, “Are we there yet” three times during the whole trip. Well, she put her thinking cap on and started asking, “What’s the next town called?”, “How many kilometres to the next town?” and “How many hours till we get there?” instead.

One of our favourite books is Are We There Yet?  by Jan Fearnley.  In this story, the Tibbles family (they’re cats) are going on a car trip to Gran and Grandad’s.  Dad is grumpy as he’s had to go back home three times because Twinkle, Billy and Mum have forgotten something.  Then Billy and Twinkle start to fight! Luckily Little Eric is being good.  Oh, no… where is Little Eric? 

A very funny story with lots of repetition and great sound effects – vrooooooom!  screeeeeech!  Tootle-ootle, Meeeeeeeeeow!  My daughters love joining in with, “Dad’s forgotten the petrol!  Dad’s forgotten the petrol!”  Fantastic illustrations too.

Happy Travels



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