Mum, I feel sick!

Hope everyone had a great holiday.
Talking about family holidays and continuing on from “Are we there yet?”, I’m sure everyone at some stage has also heard the words, “Mum, I feel sick” coming from the backseat.

I remember going on lots of family car trips when I was young. My sister, my brother and I would start the journey as best buddies but by mid-trip the fighting, whinging and carrying on in the backseat would have been well underway.

My brother would complain the whole way that he was feeling sick.
Mum would say, “Wind down you window and get some fresh air,” and my sister and I would just look at each and roll our eyes. Every time we went on a car trip he ALWAYS felt sick! We were more concerned about his leg inching over the invisible barrier between the two seats and touching ours.  Sneaky pinch, pinch! Slap,slap! There was no, “Stop it, I don’t like it!” back then!

When the time came to stop for lunch, my brother (who was still feeling sick), looked at the menu board and announced, “I know what will make me feel better!” and ordered a hot dog and banana milkshake!! AND Mum and Dad let him have it!!

Looking back now, that wasn’t the best decision on anyone’s part and of course, later on down the road you know exactly what happened.

Until Mum and Dad sold that little two-door yellow Mazda 121, that seat was known as the “vomit” seat and my sister and I ALWAYS made sure that he sat there.

So far, (touch wood!) we have not had to deal with car sickness on any of our long distance trips.

Have you?

Any remedies to reduce car sickness?

What about foods that you should definitely NOT eat on a long car trip!!


One thought on “Mum, I feel sick!

  1. Car sick is really one big problem…my puppy was a car sick puppy and we needed to bring a plastic bag all ready to cover her mouth (when the vomiting signal was spotted) whenever she was traveling with us.


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