Travelling Suitcases

Have you heard about the Travelling Suitcases?  I picked up a brochure from the State Library the other week.  Inside you’ll find lots of fantastic resources for teachers and teacher librarians.

There’s 5 suitcases altogether.  Each one showcases a different author or illustrator and is filled with:

– books by the author or illustrator

– DVD showing how and where they create their stories

– rough drafts and storyboards

– display and activity ideas

– interesting and curious items used in the creative process

– curriculum links and notes


The 5 author/illustrators are:

Kerry Argent:  illustrator of Wombat Divine and Too Loud Lily.  (I looked inside her suitcase at the book launch and it was full of fantastic books and great classroom activities.  There was even the pink feather boa from Miss Lily’s Fabulous Pink Feather Boa!)

Gregory Rogers: author and illustrator of The Boy, The Bear, The Baron and The Bard series.

Narelle Oliver: author and illustrator of Fox and Fine Feathers and The Very Blue Thingamajig.

James Maloney: author of Book of Lies series and The House on River Terrace.

Michael Gerard Bauer: author of The Running Man and Just a Dog.

Visit for further information and booking details.

Would love to hear from anyone who has borrowed one of these suitcases  and used it in their classroom or library.




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