Short stories and poems

If you enjoy writing short stories or poems visit  I started entering the monthly mini-competitions last year and have been following the positive words magazine blog since it started in March.

Each month you must use a specific word in a poem – ten lines or less or a short story – 100 words or less.  Last month the word was “Magic” and this month it is “Goldfish”.  So start getting some ideas together.  It can be a bit tricky trying to write an exciting story using only 100 words, especially if you want to throw a twist in at the end!

I’m working on my “Goldfish” story at the moment.  Am yet to submit a poem.  Might give that a go next time.  I haven’t written a poem since high school so would appreciate any tips!

Entries must be posted by the last day of each month and it only costs $1.20 in unused stamps to enter. So go on, give it a go!

Last year my sister tied for first place with her amazing “Door” short story:


He watches from behind the door, mesmerised. He’s unable to look away, though he wants to.

She is sitting at the table, her body turned towards the highchair standing silently to her left.

She dips a spoon into the bowl in front of her and sweeps it across the bowl’s rim. Her movements are fluid, practiced, perfect. Leaning forward, she smiles and coos encouragement while she uses the spoon like a paintbrush, first downward, then upward. Her left hand cups below to catch the spills.

His already broken heart shatters; for her, for him, for the child no longer there.


4 thoughts on “Short stories and poems

  1. Thank you Rachel! Lots of people tell me they love the mini-competitions because it keeps them motivated to write and send something regularly. The variety of interpretations is always amazing and I’m sure ‘Goldfish’ will inspire some great entries 🙂


    • It would be fascinating reading through all the entries, seeing how each person interprets the given word. Just wondering if you are going to announce the winners of the “Magic” and “Goldfish” and future mini-comps on your blog and publish their stories/poems so we can all read them? That would be great.


      • Hi Rachel, yes I will be posting more mini-competition results soon. But the winners’ stories/poems will only be in the magazine. Subscriptions and competition entry fees barely cover the printing and postage and I don’t take any wage whatsoever. Times are tough at the moment with so much talk of recession etc and,unfortunately, it means subs are also falling. I really need to keep something special for all the people who subscribe because without their support Positive Words would fold. It is in its tenth year now and I’m hoping it will be around for many years to come 🙂


  2. Of course, that’s understandable. I’m going to order some of your older mags when I send in my next lot of poems – just working out which ones! Ten years! That’s fantastic. Definitely want it to keep going for many more:)


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