Not just Fairies and Princesses!

Last week the girls and I went on our usual outing to the library.  As they were rummaging through the boxes full of books, I too had a squiz, searching for unusual and interesting books and our favourite authors.  Well, I laughed out loud when I came across a book called The Birdsville Monster written by Doug Macleod and illustrated by Craig Smith. When my husband and I lived in Mt Isa we taught children from Birdsville and my husband was lucky enough to go on a home visit.  The Birdsville Races were on my “things to do” list but unfortunately I didn’t end up going.

I flicked through the pages giggling at the hilarious rhymes and illustrations.  Not your typical children’s story! Nurse Finkelstein and Dr Black, two ghoulish terrors, are kicked out of Birdsville for making people sick. They decide to get revenge by robbing the graveyard and sewing together a monster made from the best limbs!   Nurse Finkelstein and Dr Black send Doug (since they dug him up) off to do their evil business, however, things don’t go to plan when he heads straight for the pub!

I originally borrowed this book to show my husband, however, the girls found it in the library bag and wanted me to read it.  So I did, and we’ve read it (at least once) every day ever since!  They love it.  Just goes to show, you never can tell what kinds of books are going to draw kids in and become favourites.

I asked my six year old why she liked the book and she said, “Because it’s funny and they made a monster and pulled vulgar faces.”

Have you come across any weird or wonderful children’s picture books?


2 thoughts on “Not just Fairies and Princesses!

    • Thanks Jude. Glad you’re enjoying my posts. Let me know if you come across any interesting or unusual picture books that I can write about or if you hear of any special events happening at your local library.


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