Little Caterpillar

Well… my Little Caterpillar story is very slowly creeping along.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to look at it or make any changes over the last week as I hurt my back on Tuesday and was only able to stand or sit for short periods of time.  I did however, have plenty of time to think about the story and the suggestions that people made (thanks again for those) but still haven’t come to any concrete conclusions.

I googled some more information about caterpillars and butterflies and discovered many different types of Australian caterpillars that then change into a particular species of butterfly.  The caterpillars were all sorts of colours;  green, black, yellow etc, spotted, striped and hairy.  Different species of butterflies lay their eggs on particular leaves and some caterpillars only eat leaves that make them poisonous to predators.  All this information was very interesting but was starting to get a bit too complicated for my little story.  So… I am leaning towards Little Caterpillar being a black and yellow striped caterpillar (Monarch butterfly) who will be searching for his friends, the green spiny caterpillars (bigger and fatter than him) and they’ll emerge from the chrysalises as bright colourful butterflies (like an Orchard Swallowtail).

Am hoping to work on it a bit more this week!

Feel free to add your thoughts.


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