Last year I came across a great website – http://www.write4fun.net – that had writing and art competitions for kids.  I asked my 5 year old (at the time) if she’d like to write a story and enter it in the  competition.  She did, so we talked about what her story was going to be about, the characters, what was going to happen at the beginning, in the middle and at the end, what was the problem, how was it going to be solved etc.  She made a little plan and then set to work and wrote a short story called, “The Three Magical Fairies” (which was very cute) and we emailed it off.  She didn’t win any prizes, however, her story, along with many other short stories and poems written by students in Prep to Year 12 from all around Australia, was selected to be published in a book called “Summer Sizzlers”.  So we sent in a photo and a little dedication to go before the story and ordered a copy of the book.

Miss 6 was so excited when the book arrived last week.  She was flicking through the pages searching for her story and having a look at all the other entries as well.  Since that day we have been reading a few stories and poems every night as well as her story, of course!  She just thinks it’s fantastic!

She also recently entered the write4fun art competition, however it has closed now and they are in the process of reviewing the entries for judging.

A new writing competition for kids is opening on the write4fun website on 23 July 2012 and closes 14th September.  They are also running a photography competition with a theme of “That’s Wild!” on their facebook page (www.facebook.com/write4fun).  We’ll definitely check that one out as the girls are always stealing my phone and taking photos.

If your kids enjoy creating stories and poems, drawing or taking photos, (or they’re getting a bit restless over the holidays) have a look at the website.  Entry for all the competitions is free and there are lots of great prizes to be won including:

* Nintendo Wii + Game
* Sony Digital Camera + 1GB memory card
* 8GB Apple Ipod Touch
* Nintendo DSi XL


4 thoughts on “Write4Fun

  1. Your story about how your daughter enjoyed having her story published, seeing it in a book, nd enjoying the other kids’ stories too, is a wonderful example of some of the benefits available to kids in the USA right now — Rifll Publishing has a Kid’s Writing Challenge going right now: FREE entry, all entries win (either publication online, or in a paperback anthology). Deadline 12-31-12. See details: rifll.com/challenge.htm ~ Please tell everyone with kids 🙂


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