Book Dates for your Diary

August is the month for reading loads of fabulous books!  On Saturday, the 11th August it is National Bookshop Day. I haven’t heard of it before but it’s a great idea to help support bookshops. If you’re out and about Saturday, visit your local bookshop and buy yourself or a friend or family member a favourite book.

August 18-24 is Book Week.  Here’s the Early Childhood Short List 2012:

Bland, Nick
Ill. Freya Blackwood
The Runaway Hug
Hartnett, Sonya
Ill. Lucia Masciullo
Come Down, Cat!
Honey, Elizabeth That’s Not a Daffodil!
Jorgensen, Norman
Ill. James Foley
The Last Viking
McKinlay, Meg
Ill. Leila Rudge
No Bears
Quay, Emma Rudie Nudie

Last week during a library lesson, we read the story “Come Down, Cat!” by Sonya Hartnett.  The class and I loved it.  It is a beautiful story of friendship and bravery.  Nicholas is worried about his cat.  Night is falling and she is high up on the roof licking her paws.  How will he coax her into the safe, warm house? She doesn’t seem to want to come down, or does she?  The illustrations by Lucia Masciullo are beautiful and help make the story come alive.

Has anyone read any of the other books?  I’m looking forward  to reading some more next time I visit the library.

And last but not least – join in The Reading Hour – Saturday August 25th 6-7pm.

For a bit of fun – If you’ve got a photo of you or your kids reading, post it on the Kids Book Review facebook wall and you could win some books and most importantly – support The Reading Hour!

So what will you be reading?


2 thoughts on “Book Dates for your Diary

    • Thanks for reading my blog and glad you found the link helpful. I still have to take a photo of my girls reading in their cubby and post it on the facebook page. I’ve seen lots of great photos of kids reading their books and even dogs having a read! I’ll pop over to your blog and check out your book week blogs.


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