The Lost Stars

While I was making lunch the other day, my two year old daughter said, “Mum, I’ll show you a really good book,” and she went to the library bag and chose “The Lost Stars” by Hannah Cumming.

“The Lost Stars” is a story about our relationship with the natural world.

Everyone is too busy to stop and look up, so when all the stars disappear, nobody notices. The city’s streetlights, cars, planes and neon signs light up the night sky. It’s only when the power goes out that people start noticing that the stars are missing.
Where have they gone? Will they ever return?

I too had forgotten all about the stars. It’s been ages since I’ve been outside at night and spent some time gazing up at the stars. I’m sure the girls would enjoy looking at the stars too. The story makes children aware how the world is getting busier, louder and brighter as more and more lights go on and encourages everyone to take time out from their busy schedules and look up at the stars.

When was the last time you went star gazing?


2 thoughts on “The Lost Stars

  1. Living in the country we get a great view of the stars here and apparently, this area is extra good for star-gazing. That said, it is easy to take it all for granted. I love it when there is a full moon and it ‘follows’ me home when I drive home at night 🙂


    • Yes, out in the country would be great for star-gazing – not so many lights and smog! Once the weather is a bit warmer it’ll be nicer to spend more time outdoors at night and take in the stars. My husband and I will have to take the girls camping again so we can toast marshmallows under the stars!


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