The Books Have Arrived!

You should have heard all the commotion and screams of excitement coming from the verandah on Friday afternoon when Miss Six discovered that the books we had ordered from The Book Garden had arrived.
She’s already read one of the Weather Fairy Chapter Books (my husband woke yesterday morning to hear her reading it from her bedroom) and is now on to the second one.  Plus, we’ve read through all the others at least once.

I adored “The Children Who Loved Books” by Peter Carnavas.  Simple and sweet, straight to the point.  Angus and Lucy don’t have much, but they do have hundreds of books. That is, until all the books are taken away.  What will they do now?

Miss Six and Miss Two both loved “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” by Sue Whiting. This book came with a bonus cd narrated by Antonia Kidman, with Tchaikovsky’s delightful music in the background.  On the last page we found information about Tchaikovsky and “The Nutcracker” ballet.


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