Hot Toddy

I was looking forward to winter being over – no more coughs and runny noses and sore throats.  Then along comes a bit of a cold snap and wham!  I wake up sneezing, my nose runs all day and I  feel a sore throat coming along.  Time to get out the ingredients for a Hot Toddy.  I got this remedy from Dr Steve (our chiropractor – he is full of valuable and interesting information and I learn something new every time I have an appointment) and used it on a number of occasions throughout the winter months. It always works – soothes my throat, clears my sinuses and picks me up.

Give it a try next time you’re feeling unwell.

A dash of brandy

Few squirts of lemon juice

Teaspoon of honey

Boiling hot water


Let me know of other remedies you’ve tried and have worked well.



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