Creative Kids Tales

The Creative Kids Tales Website (I’ve blogged about it before) aims to bring unpublished authors together. I’ve been following the website for a while now and have submitted a story in their emerging authors gallery, entered lots of fun writing competitions and found details of publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts. It’s a fantastic website.

Just recently, Creative Kids Tales has been having trouble sending messages out on facebook so I have copied their message from my email and posted it on my blog to help get the word out about their website and upcoming 1st birthday celebrations.

Here’s what she said:

It would appear I’ve done it again! I think Facebook and I will just have to agree not to get on. Due to my postings, although not as many as last time I’ve been banned again. This time for 60 days.

This is a bit of a problem as it puts a spanner in the works for our birthday celebrations. But not to worry! Where there is a will there is a way. We’ve started a Google +1 page and will be getting together a blog page soon. I haven’t done a blog before and will need to do a little research first. Although I do have a fun idea to get it started. Stay tuned for this one…

This month we are on target to achieve over 50,000 hits. Our best to date. The 1st October was our best day with just over 4,700 hits. We are hoping 1 December will blitz these figures. Let’s hope the momentum will continue even with this ban.

However, it would be great if you could help us out. Our December 1st birthday extravaganza is going to be huge! Also that’s the month when the National Library will be taking their snapshot of our website for the archives. We’ve collected lots of prizes to give away and are looking forward to the fun things we have planned.

We are able to post to our Creative Kids Tales page and will continue to do so. Could you please help by ‘sharing’ this on Facebook, your websites or blogs, tweeting or promoting us to the best of your ability.

The buzz about Creative Kids Tales has never been stronger and a lot of that is because of you. Thanks for your support, we really appreciate it. Please help us to continue by spreading the word.

We are presently in talks with a publisher regarding sponsorship. We have so many plans for the website we would love to see come to fruition but it’s hard as we offer this as a free service. To date all costs I have covered from my own pocket.

Don’t forget about our online birthday party on 2nd December. I don’t think the ban will affect posting to the Creative Kids Tales page it’s only posting to other pages where the ban is applicable.

So tell your friends, authors, illustrators or anyone who enjoys children’s books about Creative Kids Tales.

As always, thanks for your support. Take care. xx

Happy writing!

Georgie Donaghey



2 thoughts on “Creative Kids Tales

  1. Thanks for reminding me again about this one Rachel – I meant to have a really good look last time you posted about the site but forgot. Now I’ve checked it out thoroughly and it looks fabulous – Georgie is doing a great job. I’m going to contact her over the weekend and see if she will accept me as an emerging children’s writer. I have a quite a few stories and heaps of ideas so perhaps it will motivate me to get them down, too. Thanks again 🙂


    • Glad you got to look at the Creative Kids Tales website and are thinking of submitting some of your stories. I look forward to seeing you on the emerging authors list and reading your story/stories. I need to get my act together and send in something for the 1st birthday celebrations.


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