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Pedalling away on the bike at the gym gives me the perfect opportunity to catch up on a bit of reading. So far this year I’ve read “A Tiny Bit Marvellous” by Dawn French which had me in tears (from laughter and sadness), “The Quickie” by James Patterson (thriller), “Skin and Bone” by Kathryn Fox (Aussie author who writes excellent psychological thrillers), “When God was a Rabbit” by Sarah Winman and just recently “Christmas Magic” by Cathy Kelly. I jumped straight into this story without reading the blurb and wondered, after the 6th chapter why she hadn’t mentioned the characters from chapter 1 again. Puzzled, I turned to the back cover and discovered that… “Christmas Magic is full of charming and feel-good short stories of life, love and the everyday dilemmas that we all face.” Now it all made sense! I had to laugh.

I was given “When God was a Rabbit” to read by a friend at playgroup (she has formed a book club with a group of mums from school, playgroup and kindy).  I read it during the school holidays and loved it.  Couldn’t put it down.  Even when I’d finished the book I wanted to flick back through and re-read parts.  Now I’m looking forward to my first ever book club meeting tomorrow night! To read reviews and comments for “When God was a Rabbit” click here.

Have you read “When God was a Rabbit”?  What did you think?  Are there any other books that you’ve read recently that you couldn’t put down?

p.s. A big thank you to Tash (a little bit of thyme) for teaching me to insert a link.  I’ve done it twice now – Woohoo!

Happy Reading!


11 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. Rachel, adoooooored this book. It was recently on our Book Club list too. Others that have evoked a feeling of wanting more include; The Book Thief, Jasper Jones and the haunting Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Enjoy your club and reading!


    • Thanks Dimity. I haven’t heard of The Book Thief or Jasper Jones. Will have to do a bit of googling and see what I come up with. Have not read Boy in the Striped Pyjamas either but did see the movie – so sad. Did the movie represent the book well?


      • The book club meeting (When God was a Rabbit) went really well. Everyone shared their opinions and there were lots of different areas to discuss. We must have chatted about it for nearly 3 hours and only got off the subject a couple of times (as you do). It was interesting to hear why many of the ladies didn’t enjoy the second part of the book. I’m not sure about the next book we’ll be reading but I did hear mention of The Book Thief and Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. What’s your book club reading at the moment? BTW, how’s your book coming along? Is it off at the printers? How exciting.


      • Hi Rach! Great news about your meeting. We found it a meaty book to discuss as well. I’d reread this one at some point. We’re reading Jane Austen’s P & P would you believe it? We like to mix it up. BTW, I thought of another you may wish to add to your list. Was on mine for ages and then on our BClub’s: The Guernesy Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – phenomenal and Life of Pi – even more so. Okay, that’s two but they are worth it. Book is still at printers, due soon. I’m participating at the Gold Coast Writers Festival this weekend but don’t think I’ll have the book before that! Launching next month. Dimity x


      • Hi Dimity,
        How’s P and P coming along? I think I read that in high school or Uni?? We’re going to be reading “Bad Behaviour” by Liz Byrski, for our next book club meeting in November. Have you read that one? Will see if the two books you mentioned are on our list. Interesting titles. Thanks for the invite to your book launch. I’m not sure if I can definitely come but I’d like too – it’s in the diary. Think my 6 year old daughter will love your book. She’s right into chapter books at the moment. Hope all goes well on the weekend.


      • Hi again Rachel, I’m sorry I neglected to reply to your last comment. Got completely swept away by all and everything just lately. Admist it all finally did manage to finish P & P. Made me laugh and cry. Enjoyed a long and vigorous discussion period over it at book club which was great. Nothing like a bit of a romance story after all. Also THANKS so much again to you and Miss 6 for coming to my launch. You were the last to leave right??! I am hopeless with names and faces at the best of times so please do forgive me for looking or sound vague. I had a great afternoon, but it went all too quickly and it’s always frustrating not being able to chat to EVERYONE for longer than two seconds. Bit like your own wedding Ha. Anyway hope she liked it too and is enjoying the book. Thanks for your lovely support once again, Dimity x


      • Hi Dimity,
        No worries about not replying. You’ve been busy!! So what are your plans now? Picture books or another chapter book? Went in to say “Goodnight” to Miss 6 and she’s sitting up in bed reading your book. I asked her what’s happening and she answered,” All the post boxes are disappearing.”

        We had our book club meeting the other night. No one really enjoyed the book but it was still good to discuss all the characters. Now we’re reading “The Handmaid’s Tale”. I haven’t started it yet.

        We really enjoyed your book launch on Sunday (I’ve never been to one before – it was very exciting) and it was lovely to meet you. Yes, we were the last to leave. Had to search the book store for Christmas presents and then of course eat something at the cafe!

        Rachel x


      • Thought so…but am too shy to say in case I make a mistake. But recognised you from your picture! That you’re daughter is so engrossed with my story, is music to my ears and worth every single bit of the all the work involved to make it ‘real’. For me, if just one child truly gets something worthwhile from reading something of mine, then that is success! I always have a picture book or two on the go. Been trying to crack that nut for years. But yes, I’m half way through another chapter book too. It may not take off the ground…it’s been lingering a bit too long. But we’ll see. Hang in there with book club. Not liking something is all part and parcel of trying out new worlds I guess. I thoroughly enjoy Margaret Atwood’s writing though. Again, I’m soooo glad you enjoyed the launch. I love them, especially children’s ones. 😉


  2. One of the biggest tips for becoming a better writer is to READ, READ, READ, but I seem to run out of time and my must read piles and lists keep growing. I do read lots of submissions every week for Positive Words magazine and short stories in magazines but I know I need to read more novels. Excuses, excuses…I think I need to go to the naughty corner! Ahh…perhaps I could read while I’m there 🙂


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