“Sparassidae are a family of spiders known as huntsman spiders because of their speed and mode of hunting. They also are called giant crab spiders, because of their size and appearance.”  Wikipedia

At 10.20pm the other night as I typed away at the computer, something caught my eye as it scuttled across the floor and yes, it was a huntsman spider.  Not huge huge, but not small either, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken any notice of it.

Well, I couldn’t concentrate then.  I had to find out where it had gone.

I had it bailed up in the corner of the kitchen behind the rubbish bin (or rather it had me bailed up in the kitchen – there was no way I was going to bed until I’d gotten rid of it) for 40 minutes.  I had the broom in one hand and my daughter’s hair conditioner spray in the other.

Finally, I felt brave enough to give it a couple of squirts with the hair conditioner.  It ran up the side of the bin.  The minutes ticked by as I planned my next move.  More squirts.  It made a mad dash from the bin across the kitchen floor.  Bang!  Bang!  I hit the floor with the broom, missing twice.  Didn’t realise what terrible aim I have.  It then scurried into a pile of bits and pieces (sandwich maker, wine rack, bottle of softdrink, dustpan and brush, paper towels and lunch boxes) that have nowhere else to live so just reside between the kitchen sink cupboards and the appliance shelves.  And that’s where I lost it.  Have no idea where it got to and haven’t seen it since but…

I know it’s lurking somewhere, watching and waiting…

…waiting for me to be rummaging around looking for paper towels and then it will..


Why am I so afraid of spiders?

Is it the way they appear out of nowhere when I’m least expecting – on ceilings, walls and behind me in the toilet?

Is it the thought of their eight hairy gangly legs scuttling across my feet, legs, up my arms etc?

Is it a fear of waking up with a huge spider on my face? (perhaps I shouldn’t have watched “Arachnophobia” as a teenager.)

Is it the image of a huntsman spider jumping down from my sister-in-law’s fan and landing on her back?  (eeek!  true story)

It is the “hissing” sound a spider, bigger than a man’s hand made, when it reared up at my husband right before he smashed it with a broom? (Now that was scary!)


Have just been reading some information and comments on spiders and Arachnophobia – how to beat it.  Interesting.   I feel bad now for attempting to kill our eight-legged mozzie-catching friend.  At least I didn’t I suppose!

They still give me the creeps though.

Do you have a fear of something?


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