In the Mail

Miss 6 loves checking the mail box to see if there is anything for her – letters from her best friend who moved away, postcards from Grandma and Grandpa,  even bank statements from her school dollarmite account are exciting.  However, last week something even more spectacular arrived in the mail. It was a letter from Alphabet Soup Magazine saying that Miss 6 had won the under 7 Spring Writing Competition. It was accompanied by a certificate and $20 gift voucher for Dymocks.

Miss 6 had to choose one of Shaun Tan’s paintings to write a poem about.  She decided to write about the painting of two crows fighting and here is her poem:


Hungry hungry black crow,
High up in a hollow tree,
Glides down to the bottom of the hill
And grabs worm from happy crow.
Happy crow is now angry,
Scratching and pecking,
Biting and tugging,
Screeching and chewing,
All day long.
Then angry crow has an idea.
He nips the worm in half and gobbles his half.
He gives the other half to black crow.
They become friends.

[Inspired by the painting Fighting Crows, by Shaun Tan]

So now I’ve been hearing everyday, “Can we please go to Dymocks today, Mum?”  Looks like we better make a trip to the shops on Thursday after school!

Here’s some information on Alphabet Soup’s Summer Writing Competition for kids:


Entries close 12 January 2013

If you were about to write a mystery story, what would your first line be? Send us ONLY THE FIRST LINE OF YOUR STORY – make it irresistible!

If your kids enjoy writing stories and poems, have a look at their blog for more information.


6 thoughts on “In the Mail

  1. Oh Rachel, that’s fabulous news. Well done to Miss 6 too. Her poem is sensational! Congratulations. Alphabet Soup offer some wonderful competition opportunties to young writers of all ages. Thanks for passing this on. Dimity


  2. Well done to Miss 6 – we loved your crow poem. 🙂
    And it sounds as if you had fun spending your book voucher, too. That Christmas book sounds fantastic!
    ~Rebecca (from Alphabet Soup)


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