PS Who Stole Santa’s Mail?

If you’re looking for an awesome junior fiction chapter book as a stocking filler for Christmas this year, I recommend checking out Dimity Powell’s website here and  her debut book – PS Who Stole Santa’s Mail?

On Sunday 18th November Miss 6 and I braved the bad weather and drove to the Black Cat Books and Cafe (lovely little bookshop) in Paddington for Dimity’s book launch. We had a lovely afternoon, and Miss 6 was very excited to get her book signed by Dimity and join in the festivities and competitions.

As usual we couldn’t stop at just one book so we bought “Nudie Rudie” by Emma Quay for my nephew and “Press Here” by Herve Tullet (utube trailer)  for Miss 2’s upcoming birthday.  This book is a lot of fun. Press the yellow dot and more dots appear, like magic.  Follow the instructions – shake the pages, tilt the pages, even blow on them and see what happens to the colourful dots!  Miss 6 tested it out and thought it would be perfect for Miss soon to be 3.  I loved it too.

We ended up being the last to leave as, of course we had to purchase something from the cafe. The sun was now out so we sat on the deck and shared a sausage roll and vanilla milkshake.

On the journey home Miss 6 started reading PS Who Stole Santa’s Mail? and has been reading a couple of pages each night before going to bed. She just informed me that she finished the book last night!

Here’s what she says about the book:  PS Who Stole Santa’s Mail is a really good book.  I loved the bit when Sam and Tobii saw the explosion where there were bombs and that’s when they found the evil elf.  Dylan told Sam and Tobii that the elf’s name was Finn.  One part was sad when Sam’s little sister got stolen by the evil elf and it made me cry a little bit.  It was funny when everything was fine except there was snow everywhere!! (chuckles as she tells me).    I asked Miss 6 how many stars she would give it out of 5 and she replied, “Can you go all the way up to 100?” 🙂


3 thoughts on “PS Who Stole Santa’s Mail?

  1. Rachel, thank you for this gorgeous post and splendiferous review from Miss 6!! I am thrilled to bits to hear that she not only read it all herself but so quickly and enjoyed it so much. It’s a beautiful photo too, reminding me of a beautiful afternoon in Paddington. It was real pleasure to see you both there and I can’t wait to get working on the next book for her to read. Warm wishes and magical Christmases always! Dimity


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