Mem Fox and Judy Horacek :Good Night, Sleep Tight

I recently signed up to receive the Writers eNewsletters from the Moreton Bay Region Libraries and I’m so glad I did. It is full of exciting Library Events – Meet the Authors, Community Events, Workshops, Competitions and Calls for Submissions (from Hachette, Penguin Books Australia and Allen and Unwin).

Here’s a few up-coming events that caught my eye:

* The next Writers Seminar is on Tuesday 5 February, 10am at Burpengary Library and is on the topic of writing for children. Think you have a kids book just waiting to burst out of you? Or perhaps it already has burst out and you’re not sure what to do with it now? Come along and gain some useful insights from published local children’s author Julie Nickerson. To book a place in this seminar, phone Burpengary Library on 3888 5366.

* Meet the Author: Tamara Nowitzki

Where: Arana Hills Library, 3 December, 10.00am

Tamara Nowitzki is a Paralympic swimmer who competed in both the 1996 Atlanta and 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, where she won a silver medal in the 100m breaststroke competition. In 2001 Tamara was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder, Dopa-Roseponsive Dystonia. Tamara went from walking 10km, bike riding, climbing trees, and roller skating to hardly being able to hold her head up and eat, her body wracked by painful muscle spasms. Tamara’s autobiography, No Ordinary Girl, is the story about the struggles and triumphs that make Tamara Nowitzki No Ordinary Girl.
Free. Bookings required.

* Dr Karl Kruszelnicki: 50 Shades of Grey Matter

Dymocks, Westfield Carindale, 6 December, 1.00pm
Brisbane Square Library, 266 George Street, Brisbane, 7 December, 6.30pm

Welcome to the wonderful world of Dr Karl, where oddities are embraced, facts reign supreme, curiosity is king and brightly coloured shirts are compulsory! In 50 Shades of Grey Matter, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki applies his trademark straight-talkin’-no-high-falutin’ scientific sense to a brand new range of Big Questions that you never knew you even wanted to ask, but now desperately need to know the answers to. Free. Bookings required.

And saving the best til last…

I love Mem Fox stories and I have always wanted to hear her talk about children’s books and reading so now I might just be able to!

*  Mem Fox and Judy Horacek: Good Night, Sleep Tight

Riverbend Books, 11 December, 7.00pm
Chermside Library, 12 December, 6.30pm

Celebrate the release of Mem Fox and Judy Horacek’s latest book Good Night, Sleep Tight. National Year of Reading ambassadors Mem Fox and Judy Horacek will challenge parents to think about how best to encourage a lifelong love of reading and discuss the collaborative process and their contribution to children’s literature. Cost: $10 (Riverbend Books) or Free at Chermside Library.

If you’d like to see what other events and workshops are on or have a look at the competition and submission sections, go to their website here.


5 thoughts on “Mem Fox and Judy Horacek :Good Night, Sleep Tight

  1. You are so in the know Rachel. Thanks for the heads up on all these fantastic events. Coincidentally, Miss 7 and I just reading Mem’s latest, Good night Sleep tight this week! Dimity x


    • Hi Dimity,
      I haven’t seen “Good Night, Sleep Tight” yet. Did Miss 7 enjoy it?
      Miss 6 is very keen to send a letter to Santa (to the address in Finland that we got from your launch). I was just wondering if she will get a reply if we send the letter there? Hope you’re next launch goes well tomorrow. The Jungle place sounds fun!


      • Hi Rachel,
        Sort of – we didn’t read it over and over. She enjoyed the repetition but I think it is aimed for 3-5 yrs so perhaps a little young for her these days. I don’t think a reply will be forthcoming (especially at this time of year when it’s really busy…you might like to add 😉 ) but yes it is the real address. Thanks for your well wishes. It should be a fun local one tomorrow, then I’ve a couple more before I stop to think about what to do for Christmas! The kids’ feedback has been great so far which is the ultimate main thing. BTW, I LOVE the snow…really really love it and actually makes me feel cooler as I sit here sweltering away! Cheers


      • Thanks Dimity. I ended up addressing the envelope to Santa in Finland but we posted it in the post box beside Santa’s chair up at our local shopping centre (as I know she will definitely get a reply!) Hey, did you know that I won one of your books in the “What would Santa like for Christmas” comp. Miss 6 was really pleased. She’s going to give it to one of her friends for Christmas.


      • Oh I hope she does get a reply then. Hey Rachel, that is awesome news about the comp win. I am so very pleased: couldn’t go to a more deserving recipient. And how thoughtful of Miss 6 to want to share it for Christmas? Beautiful. My work here is done 😉 Have a gorgeous and safe Christmas season to you all. Dimity


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