December Writing Competition for Kids

A blogger from America,  Noname Porter-McShirley, read my post – Write4Fun – and commented that she also runs a story writing competition for kids.  Entries close 31 December 2012. You can have a look at the details here.

This is what she said:

“I’ve just opened Rifll Publishing’s Kid’s Writing Challenge (contest) to ALL English-speaking kids aged 5-13 (rather than just US citizens).

This is an exciting opportunity which can help occupy kids while they wait for Christmas, and also benefit them in deeper ways.

Several First Place winners will be offered contracts to have their entries published in a paperback anthology of writing by kids and for kids.

All other entries will receive Second Place, and receive the option of being posted on a special page of Rifll Publishing’s website.

Please share the news on your blog. I hope lots of kids get the word and have fun participating in this FREE contest with NO losers :-)”

Sounds like fun.  Miss 6 has been busy scribing away – think her story may involve fairies!!

Ps  Do you like the snow falling down my page?  I thought I’d add a little Christmas spirit to my blog – cute – even though it was 35 degrees here yesterday!


3 thoughts on “December Writing Competition for Kids

  1. A very big “thank you” to you, Rachel, for your enthusiasm and your blog post regarding my company’s contest.

    Yes, I do like the snow on your page—the motion brings a little dimension to the page. We’ve had unseasonably warm weather here (60’s and even 70 degrees which is more than twice the temperature we should be having this time of year; rain instead of snow). My son is concerned that climate change may mean he will seldom see snow any more; a sad idea which we’ll have to research.

    What is the title of the book Miss 6’s story was published in last year? Is the book visible on

    Looking forward to anything and everything your daughter (and all your readers’ boys & girls) wish to submit 🙂


    • No problems. I hope lots of children get busy writing poems and stories for you. The book is called “Summer Sizzlers” and is published by Write4Fun International Pty Ltd, 2012, however I don’t know if it is available on Amazon.


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