Dee White’s Books on Writing

Dee White is a children’s & YA author and writing teacher and has published a number of books including Letters to Leonardo, Hope for Hanna and Harry’s Goldfield Adventure.  I have been following her fabulous blog (DeeScribe Writing – Tips, Reviews, Interviews and News for Writers) for some time now.

Recently I entered a competition on her blog to name her next writing tips book and was lucky enough to be a joint winner.  I won a copy of her e-book 10 Top Writing Tips: Ideas and Inspiration (Perfect – well set out, easy to read and lots of great ideas) and a 500 word manuscript appraisal (have a story I’m working on at the moment that I would love to get feedback on).  If you would like to purchase this e-book (it’s only$0.99 USD!)  follow this link

When you visit Dee’s blog you’ll also see that she has two free e-books that you can download.  One is an e-book for kids who write – 10 Top Writing Tips For Kids Who Love to Write and the other is an e-book for Adult Writers – 10 Top Writing Tips – Discover the Writer in You.  Both are very helpful.  I’m looking forward to the next 10 Top Writing Tips e-book she writes.

If you’re suffering from writer’s block, need some inspiration or a manuscript appraised, Dee’s the one to see!


3 thoughts on “Dee White’s Books on Writing

  1. Wow you are on a winning streak Rachel. Way to go! And yes I agree, Dee’s straightforward, no nonense way of getting the point across is marvellous. (still loving your snow btw!) All the best, Dimity


    • I know, I’m on a bit of a roll. Last month I also won an e-book of Nick Bland’s The Very Itchy Bear 🙂 which is very cute. The girls love it. I do enter a lot of competitions!!
      Hey, did you end up going to the Creative Kids Tales 1st Birthday Party? I got carried away rolling rumballs and by the time I looked at the clock I’d missed it.
      Have you got any more book launches coming up?
      Rach x


      • Mmm rumballs. No I missed it too after all that – I think I was doing something Christmasey or was out or something. Today marked the end of my round of launching and signing engagements for this year. Should be hitting the schools and libraries again next year, pending outcome of the universe 😉 of course. Hope to make it up North for some visits too. But for now, I have a week to catch up on my Christmas to dos, including making all those sweet treats. 🙂


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