Email and Video from Santa

If you’d like to add just a little bit more magic to Christmas, have a look at the Portable North Pole website where you can organise for your kids to receive their own personal email and video from Santa.  Miss 6 received her email tonight and she was squealing with excitement.  “Santa’s got a book with my name on it!  And there’s a photo of me in it! He even knows I’m 6!”  She had the biggest smile on her face and was jumping up and down when the Elves cheered and put her name on the “Nice” list.  You can also add in goals that your children have been working towards.  Santa told Miss 6 that he was pleased to see that she’d been trying really hard not to suck her thumb.

It’s a great little video with Santa walking around through different rooms in his house while talking to your child.  He ends up in his workshop where the Elves are busy working and takes a peek at the present your child is going to get.  Very cute.



3 thoughts on “Email and Video from Santa

    • I thought I had sent a reply but it looks like I sent it to myself! Whoops! Will try again. I’ve enjoyed reading all your interesting stories and quotes and looking at all your beautiful products. Looking forward to seeing more next year too. Thanks for reading my posts too. Have a happy 2013!


      • Lol…it is never too late to receive this reply from you. 😀

        Thank you for your kind support and motivation and do have a lovely and wonderful year ahead!! (Hmmm…I think I’ve just posted a ‘new year’ comment at your ‘about’ page…but nvm…no blessing is too much…right? Haha..)

        Cheers!! 😀


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