Favourite Books

I recently signed both girls up for the Summer Reading Club (3 Dec 2012 – 18 Jan 2013) and we log on (www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/readon) every few days to update our total reading hours or minutes (depending on what sort of days we’ve had!).

Some of our favourite books from the library this week are:

The Curious Little Witch by Lieve Baeten.   Lizzy and her cat are flying around when they spot a house with the lights still on.  Curious, Lizzy flies down to have a closer look and falls through the window, breaking her broomstick.  On her journey through the house, Lizzy meets the Music Witch whose music is sublime, the Kitchen Witch who is a wonderful cook and the Bedroom Witch who can magic everyone to sleep, however, they are unable to fix her broomstick. But then she meets the Tinkering Witch…

Tea for Ruby by Sarah Ferguson (yes, the Duchess of York) and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser (very talented illustrator of the Fancy Nancy books).  Ruby has been invited to have tea with the Queen.  She is so excited that she runs off to tell everyone.  “I hope you won’t shout,” says the mail lady.  “I hope you won’t interrupt,” says her brother.  “I hope you’ll dress appropriately,” says her Ballet Teacher.  There are so many rules for Ruby to remember.  Then, on the day of the tea party, when she finally arrives at the Palace, Ruby can’t believe her eyes.  What a surprise!

The Trouble with Dogs by Bob Graham (Miss 6 thinks that this book should have won an award :))  The trouble with Dave, the small wild dog that likes to leap and slide, is that he steals your patch of sunshine, runs down the middle of flowerbeds, leaves small puddles on the floor and jumps up onto guests’ laps eating cupcakes right off their plates!  Something has to be done.  So, along comes the no-nonsense Brigadier with his rules and his lessons and his slip chain.  Over the following days Dave begins to change.  But is it for the better?

What have your kids been reading on the holidays so far?  Have you come across any interesting books that you would like to share?

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Happy reading over the holidays.


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