On a recent visit to the library I came across a terrific book by Nick Bland.  I had already read The Very Cranky Bear and The Very Itchy Bear (we have the interactive Ipad app which the girls love) but didn’t know of any of his other books.  Twinkle, has now been added to our list of favourites.  Nick Bland’s creative text, heartwarming storyline and beautiful pictures with loveable characters roll  together to create a wonderful children’s picture book.

Twinkle is all about friendship, wonder, surprise, helping others and having fun.  There’s also some problem solving and a few goodbye tears.

Here’s the cute little blurb from the back of the book – “Little Star lands in Penny Pasketti’s backyard, and in a twinkle the night is filled with fun.  Eventually, though, it is time for Little Star to go home.  But how do you make a star fall up?”

Have you discovered any dazzling picture books lately?  What’s your favourite?


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