Bath Bomb

“How about we use the bath bomb in the bath tonight!” I called down to my two daughters from the top of the stairs.

“Yay!” they replied, rushing up straight away.

I’ve never seen them get ready for a bath so quickly in my life!  They were undressed and waiting beside the bath in minutes.  I unwrapped the bath bomb and both girls had to smell and touch it (we’ve never used one before).  Then, as I ran the water I asked Miss 7 to hop in and put the bath bomb under the running water.  As she did I turned to look at Miss 3 and burst out laughing.  She was standing right up against the wall, as far back from the bath as she could possibly get, with her hands over her ears!

Once I explained that there would be no loud explosions, just some fizzing and bubbles in the water, she moved closer and had a look.  I don’t think the outcome was as exciting as they had hoped for.

There’s still one more left in the cupboard so I’ll have to see if I get the same excited reaction next time. 🙂

How do you get your kids into the bath with minimal fuss?


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