Easy Easter Treats

Miss 7 and Miss 3 love giving little treats to their daycare teachers, family daycare mum, school teacher and the lovely couple next door. There were lots of fabulous bunny cupcakes and Easter egg cupcakes on the internet but this year I thought we’d make our own little Easter chocolates.

It was so quick and easy and this time I didn’t burn the chocolate. All you need is:

* a couple of blocks of chocolate
* plastic or silicone moulds
* saucepan ( I don’t have a double saucepan so I just used one and made sure that the heat was down low and then I watched it like a hawk!)


We added sprinkles to our moulds before pouring in the melted chocolate and then added some more sprinkles once the chocolate was in. Then into the fridge to set. There was a bit of melted chocolate left over so we poured it into a silicone cupcake mould and made a lovely circle chocolate.  In the morning the girls filled cute Easter bags with chocolates and they were ready to deliver.

Did you make 2013-03-27-745 2013-03-28-746 any Easter treats this week? What did you make?

Have a great Easter holiday everyone.

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