Lost your head lately?

Ever feel like you’ve lost your head?  Wandering around in a daze, forgetting where you’ve put things?  Well, one of our favourite library books this week is “Daddy Lost his Head” by Quentin Blake and Andre Bouchard.  The girls laughed hysterically and my husband and I had a giggle too.  And with Quentin Blake as the illustrator you can imagine the hilarious pictures.

Poor Daddy has lost his head.  His two children cannot find it anywhere so they decide to make a new head using newspaper, paint, potato (for his nose) and wool.  It looked so real that Mum said, “Brilliant! You’ve found it!”

There were lots of advantages to having a dad with no head.  He was very obedient, didn’t snore and loved washing up, cleaning and vacuuming. (There’s a great picture of Mum filling him up with mince and mashed potatoes!  Ewww!)

Our favourite part is when Dad goes for an early morning jog and forgets to put his head on.  Mum and the kids run and cycle behind Dad until he trips on a tree root and they all fall on top of him, squashing the head.

Then there’s the part where “Mum arrived in the lounge room in an evening dress, and with so much make-up on that she looked as if she was painted like Dad.”  (We laughed and laughed.)  They danced around the lounge but Daddy went too fast and Mum staggered about complaining of an awful headache.  Of course Daddy didn’t have a headache.

Does Daddy find his real head in the end?  You’ll have to read the book to find out!


7 thoughts on “Lost your head lately?

  1. I have come across this one and found it bizarrely absurd in the funniest kind of way. Very witty. Thanks for the memories Rachel and keep on enjoying your reading and writing!


      • Hi Rach, All good re; CYA thanks. I’m only going to be chatting for a nano second – part of the Success Panel line up this year. Blink, yawn or look sidewards to your neighbour and you may miss what I have to say! Ha. But yes I did enter the comp – again – too. How about you? Hope so. Great way to get feedback and flex your writing muscle. Hope to see you there. Best Dimity.


      • Hi Dimity,
        Yes, entered two stories again this year. One picture book and one junior fiction chapter book (you inspired me to have a go at writing a chapter book!) It was fun. Not sure if it’s exciting enough yet – needs another hundred or so edits! Can you buy tickets to attend the CYA conference? When’s it on again? Rach


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