CYA Conference 2013 Part 2

Welcome back.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Continuing on from my last post…

The CYA conference started at 8am with registration and coffee, then onto the opening, Indigenous Recognition and the competition winners presentation.  Drum roll please…My chapter book entry (for younger readers) scored 3rd Place – Yay!!  I was very excited.  Congratulations to my friend Dimity who came second place in the same category, my friend Cath who took out 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the non-fiction picture book category and all the other winners and competitors.


Then onto talks from editors, authors and illustrators.  I had the privilege of listening to many talented authors including –

Pam Rushby (author of The Horses Didn’t Come Home) – she taught us how to write a 60 second ‘Elevator Pitch’ that you could pitch to your favourite editor if you just happened to meet them in an elevator!

– Jackson Pearce (US author of many YA novels including Sisters Red, Sweetly and Fathomless) who spoke about the ins and outs of writing YA novels.

– Tristan Bancks (writer of hilarious children’s books).  I really enjoyed listening to his stories and how he came up with his ideas.  I ended up getting a signed copy of “Nitboy” for Miss 7.  She loved it.  Tristan also showed us how to use a creative writing scrapbooking tool on the computer that brought together images, music, videos and text.  A great resource for teachers and students too.

– Mark Carthew (award-winning editor and author of rhyming picture books).  I hadn’t read any of his books before so I’m glad he read some out.  The Gobbling Tree,  The Moose is Loose and Five Little Owls are amazing!  Very clever and entertaining.

And the last session I went to was an interesting panel discussion about YA novels – “Is ‘edgy’ the only choice for YA authors?

Before the conference finished we all met back at the auditorium to listen to a number of success stories (from illustrators and authors) which was very uplifting and inspiring.

Thanks very much to the CYA team – Tina, Ally and Sam for all their hard work and effort.  It was an excellent day and I’ll definitely be back again next year.


11 thoughts on “CYA Conference 2013 Part 2

  1. And your retell it so well Rachel. Thanks for that (great photo too btw!) It was an honour and a delight to spend more of the day with you. See you next year if not sooner I hope. Dimity


    • Thanks Joanne. Yes, now I need to find time to read back over my draft and make lots of changes! I should just concentrate on one story at a time but I’ve just found some more competitions to enter so I’m trying to come up with some more picture book ideas. What type of stories do you write?


      • I’m primarily an illustrator, so I have been writing picture books. Lately I have given myself permission to write more, even if it takes away from my painting time. So I have been working on a few short stories and am developing a chapter book which I am looking forward to working on. . . sometime.


    • Thanks Stacy. That’s exactly my thoughts too. It was interesting what the editors where saying – that if you write YA novels that aren’t so edgy you will get more readers. She said that schools would be looking for less edgy books. What type of books do you write?


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