C.J. Dennis Poetry Competition

If you like writing poems, this competition is for you.  There are five categories:
(prizes in brackets)
Open (no set theme)
($250 / $150 / $100)
Open Themed (“Australian Politics” – based on C.J. Dennis’ poem “The Bridge Across the Crick”)
($250 / $150 / $100)
Poems written by adults for children (no set theme)
($250 / $150 / $100)
Primary school students: preps to grade 6
(no set theme)
($30 / $20 / $10)
Secondary school students: years 7-12
(no set theme)
($50 / $30 / $20)
Some rules:
*Entries accepted from authors throughout Australia.
*Entries must be postmarked by 7th September 2013.
*$10 per adult poem
*$2 per student poem
*$1.80 in unused stamps to send certificates and a copy of the anthology to all participants  (It was great to receive the anthology last year and read all the winning poems).
*Each entry must be original verse in or around the style of  C.J. Denni, based around an Australian subject and contain good rhyme and metre.
*You must send 2 copies of each poem entered.
*80 line limit for each poem.

For more rules and an entry form click here.



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