Rudy Toot!

Last week I was down in Melbourne (in the sunshine – I was expecting cold wet days!) visiting my family and two gorgeous nephews.  My 2 and a half year old nephew loves books so on the day before we left (I think I left it a bit too late) I was out at Dymocks trying to find him some books.  I had three in mind – Sebastian lives in a Hat by Thelma Catterwell and illustrated by Kerry Argent about an orphaned baby wombat who is raised in a brown knitted cap.

The Children Who Loved Books by Peter Carnavas – just because I love this book.

And Rudy Toot!, written and illustrated by Chris Kennett.  With hilarious rhymes and bright colourful illustrations my daughters and my nephew loved this story.  We already owned the book as Miss 3 chose it earlier in the year at the school book fair.  The story is about three little elephants who love to make music together. Judy goes BLOOT! Trudy goes FLOOT! But stinky little Rudy does a great big TOOOOOOOOT!

In the end, only The Children Who Loved Books was available so I bought that one and we left our copy of Rudy Toot! in Melbourne.

My nephew loved both books but I think you’ll be able to guess which one he wanted to listen to over and over again!

Have you come across any funny picture books lately?


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