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If you love books, reading and writing then Kids’ Book Review is a great blog to follow.  I’ve also signed up to receive their monthly newsletter which is full of information about upcoming workshops, events and other book-related/writing activities, write-ups about events that have recently occurred (like Book Week and The Reading Hour), book reviews, writing competitions and book giveaways (thanks to generous Australian authors and publishers).

I have been entering all their book giveaways and was lucky enough to win Sofie Laguna’s new book “Where are You Banana?” a humorous story about a little boy named Roddy and his quest to find his best friend, Banana.


And also,  “Where’s Wally?” Book 1 (remember him??!!) by Martin Handford.  We’ve had hours of fun searching for Wally amongst the hundreds of people in each scene.  Definitely a good one to take on our long trip to Melbourne!Image



13 thoughts on “Kids’ Book Review

  1. Hi Rachel, Good for you. Loved this book especially the illustrations and message to never give up and how to rally together when all is lost. Hope you and Missy are reading and writing up storms.:-)


    • Hi Dimity, Lucky hey! Since then I also won “The Boy on the Page” by Peter Carnavas. A beautiful story as are all of his books. Yes, we’ve been writing heaps on the holidays. I was just about to look up the Alphabet Soup Blog as I think I saw a writing competition on there for kids. I’m glad you commented as I read your latest post and wanted to vote for you. Do I just go to the Creative Kids Tales website and vote there? Have you been sending in your stories to Kids’s Book Review each month? I have been entering each one. It’s been fun coming up with story ideas to match their theme.
      Hope you’ve had a lovely holiday. Looks like you’ve been out and about to the festival in Brisbane. Enjoy seeing all posts and photos on facebook.
      Rach x


      • Wow you must have the Midas touch Rachel! I absolutely ADORE The Boy on the Page. One of his best yet and they are all pretty special aren’t they? FYI, Peter is launching TBoTP at the Avid Reader book shop and cafe in Brissy on 20th Oct. I can’t make it sadly 😦 Miss 7 is turning 8 then and I’m forbidden to cancel her birthday celebrations! Re; voting Yes, just go to comps page on web site, look for Emerging Author page, it will take you to VOTE NOW page. I would love to send KBR some of my shorts but I’ve been ridiculously busy working on a grant piece with a mentor and jotting up other shorts that don’t always fit the theme each month. The hols went so fast but were action packed as usual. Love spending time with my girl. But happy to be able to get some more work days back next week too. Take care of you, Dimity


      • Wow, thanks for the info on Peter Carnavas. Would love to go – have put it in the diary. If I google that book shop it’ll tell me the time etc? Hope your daughter has a lovely birthday! That’s awesome that you’ve been working on a grant with a mentor. Hope it’s all going well.
        Will go check out the website and vote.


      • Happy to help. Pls say g’day to Peter from me. He knows I can’t make it. Can’t remember time but yes, just look up Avid Bookshop in the Westend. It’s delightful (in the Black cat sense) Have fun and hopefully see you again soon. 🙂


  2. Wow! Looks like you’ve been pretty lucky!! That Banana book looks pretty cute. I love bananas! I’d be happy to help them look! And I know some kids who love those search and find books. I can never find Wally myself!


  3. So funny, I won the Where are you Banana? Book too! Lovely story. Where’s Wally, I’d forgotten about. Great idea for travel or when child is sick and bored!


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