Pitch Your Book Competition

On the holidays I put my extended knowledge (ha ha) of Microsoft Slide Show and Clip Art to good use and entered the “Pitch Your Book” Competition.  It took quite a few rehearsals and a lot of co-ordination to play music on one computer, the slideshow on my laptop and read from my sheets of paper, all while trying to hold my phone steady and video the whole thing!

In the end I was pleased with my 2 minute pitch and emailed it in.  Last Friday I received an email from the competition organiser saying that my pitch for “The Curse of the Shattered Sceptre” had made it into the top 10!  It went up on You Tube today.  Here is the link if you’ve got a bit of spare time (1 min 40 sec to be exact) to check it out.

Hope you like it!


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