Sew Sista

My 8 year old daughter and her friend love anything to do with art and craft so when my friend came across the website Sew Sista (sewing classes for kids) we thought it would be perfect for our girls.

Here’s a quote from the Sew Sista website: “We are passionate about our kids well-being. Offering services and products completely designed with them in mind. Sewing workshops and products is what we do. We aim to give your kids a wonderful experience and teach them some basic hand and machine skills, that may inspire them creatively.”

Sew Sista have great holiday programs and the girls have now been to two sewing classes. Each lesson has cost $40. At the first lesson the girls were delighted to receive their very own little sewing kit containing scissors, pins, needles, buttons, ribbons, material and thread.  Here is the gorgeous little heart pillow that Miss 8 made at her first lesson.





Sew Sista Pillow

During the Easter holidays the girls visited Sew Sista again and this time made this cute Easter bunny.

Sew Sista bunny

They both had a fantastic time and are looking forward to the next holidays so they can go again.
Happy Easter everyone!


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