Boredom Buster- Fun Activity Jar

This week’s craft activity at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) was to make an activity jar.  So I searched on Pinterest and found a number of gorgeous boredom jars, tins and buckets.

Here’s one that caught my eye from Blue Skies Ahead.


The idea is to have a different activity written on each of the paddle pops so when your kids say, “I’m bored,” or “What can we do?” they choose a stick from the jar and do that activity.

I chose a variety of activities such as –

*  Write a letter

*  Build a cubby

*  Take some photos

*  Bake a cake

I also added in some jobs –

*  Water the plants

*  Tidy a room

*  Wash the car

Another idea is to use it as a prize jar and write rewards on the back of the sticks –

*  Choose dinner

*  Go to the park

*  Play the Ipad

*  Go to the movies

There are loads of ideas for different activities on Pinterest too.  My girls discovered the activity jar this afternoon and pulled out some sticks just for fun. They pulled out “Do something nice for someone,” so they wrote me a lovely note and gave me three jelly-beans!  They thought it was great.

If you wanted to you could colour coordinate the activities so all the outdoor activity sticks have one pattern, all the baking activity sticks have one pattern and all the job sticks have one pattern etc.

All you need to make this activity jar is a glass jar/tin/small bucket, paddle pop sticks, ribbon, and washi tape.

It’s very easy to make and cheap too!  This is how much it cost me:

Glass jar – $2.50

Paddle pop sticks (thick ones) – $2.00 (for a pack of 80)

Washi tape – $2.50 (for three different patterns)

On the outside of the jar I contacted on a little sign that said:

Be creative

Outside play

Read a book


Do a job…

And…. here’s the final product:

activity jar paddle pop sticks for activity jar


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