National Novel Writing Month

November is National Novel Writing Month.  I just signed up and am a bit nervous as the longest story I’ve written is a junior fiction chapter book with a total of 7300 words.  I’ll need a stack more ideas/action/dialogue to write a 50 000 word novel in 30 days.  That about 1667 words per day.  I’m not really sure how I’m going to fit that much writing in around work, kids, after school activities, cooking and cleaning (think I’ll ditch the housework!) but, I’m going to give it a try anyway.

The official NaNoWriMo website has lots of helpful information on what to do and how to sign up.  Click here to check it out. Once you sign up, if you enter where you’re from you will receive messages about upcoming activities and events.  You can also visit a writer’s website and add them as a writing buddy. Furthermore, there are forums on which to chat about your novel and get help from fellow writers.

Has anyone taken up the NaNoWriMo challenge in previous years?  I’d love to hear how you went and if you have any tips or suggestions.

Who else is entering for the first time?

Wish me luck!  I start tomorrow.  🙂


10 thoughts on “National Novel Writing Month

  1. I’m sure you can do this. I admire you for trying, my longest work has been 6,000 words, and that first draft took a month!
    Not to be spamming you, but I created a meal plan with lots of easy instructions for writers in November. I call it How Not To Starve During PiBoIdMo. You can get the latest recipes and shopping lists on today’s post.
    I hope it helps, even a little.

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    • Thanks Joanne. I will have a look at your recipes. What a great idea! Easy, quick meals sounds like the way to go. Definitely want to keep up nutrition for brain energy, stamina and creative ideas while typing away all month!


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