NaNoWriMo – Day 7

Day 7 and I’m quite exhausted.  Not used to having to think of so many ideas all at once!  My brain is hurting.  I have so many ideas but my fingers can’t type quick enough to get them all down!  Everywhere I go I look for inspiration – at the beach, at the gym, on my travels into the city and back and from ads on tv!  I am really pleased with my efforts so far – just over 6000 words covering about 4 chapters.

I’ve had my parents staying for the week which has been great.  Dad has been keeping the washing and folding up to date, mum, the cooking and cleaning and both have been looking after the kids, giving me lots of time to think and write.

I have been typing at the kitchen table, in bed (would not recommend it – very uncomfortable and it gives you a sore back), on my phone at the gym while cycling (and emailing notes/sentences to myself) and down at a picnic table by the beach (that was the best spot – lots of ideas flowing that day).

Even though I plotted the storyline in order, I’ve been writing all over the shop.   As an idea comes to me I write it all down.  Later on I will decide where to slot it in and probably change a few things so it makes sense and flows on from the previous chapter.

How’s everyone else going with their story?


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