Blogging 101 Assignment #8 and #9 – Getting Inspired by the Neighbours

Yesterday I looked in my Reader and scrolled through all the comments on the Commons page looking for blogs that I was yet to comment on and finally discovered these 4 fabulous blogs:

Sew Katie Did – creator of exquisite quilts

The Writing Midwife – Juli is a nurse, midwife, writer and author

Barefootmamaja –  her tagline is … positive energy…always hopeful…that’s just me

The View through Lola’s Prism– short stories and poems and snippets of life.

What caught my eye on The View through Lola’s Prism was her witty, fast-paced poem titled “A short story turns into a shirt story and becomes a limerick“.  It’s creative and funny.  I am in awe of all the talented writers out in the blog world posting their expressive, heartfelt, and humorous, poems.


3 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Assignment #8 and #9 – Getting Inspired by the Neighbours

  1. Rachel, thank you so much for the nice acknowledgement! This is the first time I’m putting my writing out to the public at this level, I am thrilled that it made you laugh. I’m still struggling with the technical aspects of commenting, linking, ping backs, etc. – so if I don’t respond to something it just means I haven’t found it yet!
    Lola 🙂

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