Perfect Picture Book Friday (PPBF) – The Children Who Loved Books

Peter Carnavas is one of my favourite Australian authors. I have been lucky enough to meet him twice: I went to his book launch for “The Boy on the Page” and I also attended one of his writing sessions at the Children’s and Young Adult Writers And Illustrators Conference last year in Brisbane.

Title: The Children Who Loved BooksFullSizeRender (24)

Author/Illustrator: Peter Carnavas

Age Group: 4-8 year olds

Themes: family, reading, closeness

Opening Lines: Angus and Lucy didn’t have very much. They didn’t have a television. They didn’t have a car.

Synopsis (blurb from back of the book): Angus and Lucy love books. They have hundreds of them. Then one day, all the books are taken away, and Angus and Lucy discover they need books more than they ever imagined.

They didn't even have a house.

They didn’t even have a house.

But Angus and Lucy had books...  hundreds of them.

But Angus and Lucy had books… hundreds of them.

What I like about the book: This story celebrates books and reading and shows how books can bring people and families together. You don’t need televisions and fancy cars. As long as you’ve got each other and a book to share, then life is good! The story is warm and moving, like most of Peter Carnavas’ books. I also love his illustrations; the bright colours and lovable characters.
FullSizeRender (22)

Resources: I found some great activities at The Little Big Book Club

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11 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday (PPBF) – The Children Who Loved Books

  1. What a charming and fun book. Glad you included some illustrations. It looks like their home is a book mobile. Great theme about interacting, reading, talking and not being burdened with the distractions of electronics.
    Heard a segment on the news last night that the sale of board games is up significantly and that there are places to go to play games, in addition to family members. People are looking to connect.


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