Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – Number 9

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 18 March 2015. Here is the haunting photo that inspired my latest flash fiction.

Thanks to pixabay.com for the photo.

Number 9

Pete and Danny raced up the driveway of number 9, Hollingsworth Drive and hid in the bushes. The decrepit mansion loomed overhead, chilling them to the bone.
“Now what?” asked Pete.
“I’m going inside,” replied Danny.
“No!” pleaded Pete, “that place is evil.”
“As if!”
“Kids have gone missing.” Pete grabbed his friend’s arm.
“Yeah, right,” said Danny, breaking free and running up the stairs. He knocked on the door. Slowly it swung open…

Two large hands grabbed Danny by the shoulders and hauled him inside.

Pete slammed both hands over his mouth, stifling the scream that was trying to erupt from deep within. Whimpering, he looked around, wondering what to do. He crept around to the closest window and peered inside.
Danny was sitting at the kitchen table. Laughing, he signaled to Pete, “Come and meet my Grandpa!”
Pete turned away from the window but not before catching a glimpse of the old man’s grotesque face; rotting skin and eyeballs dangling from his eye-sockets.
He could no longer contain the blood-curdling scream.  (174 words)

To join in the fun or read more flash fiction inspired by this spooky photo go to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

25 thoughts on “Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – Number 9

    • Thanks Joy and thanks for organising the pictures each week. Definitely going to continue. I’m really enjoying extending my ideas and practising different aspects of writing and of course I love reading everybody else’s stories too. They’re so creative and everybody has a different take on the prompt. Lots of fun! 🙂

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