The Write Book Cover – Little Bee

I was reading Izzy May I: The Write Book Cover over on the blog, Izzy Grabs Life. She asked the question: What makes a book cover grab your attention? I straight away thought of Chris Cleave’s powerful and heart-breaking story, “Little Bee”.


Everything about this book attracted my attention: the intriguing title, the swirly font, the front cover’s striking silhouette on bright yellow, the blurb on the back and my sister saying, “You’ve got to read this book! It’s brilliant!” And, she was right. I couldn’t put the book down. I had to find out what happened.

Here is the blurb: IMG_4660


12 thoughts on “The Write Book Cover – Little Bee

  1. I agree about the importance of covers. My publisher has a whole team working on the cover of my new Novel, Almost Human, while I wrote the book alone. But I understand that you only have a few seconds to attract a reader especially if you’re unknown to them. It really helps if they’ve read the book! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for adding more depth into this ongoing discussion. I’ve never heard of this book, so I’m extra excited to add it to my reading list. It’s always great when a story’s as much of a knockout as its cover (or more). I’m glad you got to experience that with Cleave’s Little Bee.

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    • It’s one of those books that you can’t stop thinking about and once I’d finished it I wanted to go back and read parts again. He’s written another book too (which I think has been made into a movie) but I can’t think of the title. I haven’t read it yet. Just googled him and it’s called “Incendiary” and the cover is similar to “Little Bee” with the silhouette and swirly font except it’s black on blue. Looks good.

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      • Ah, so he’s consistent! That’s one of elements I appreciate. From the looks of it, he’s set out his style/brand. The “Incendiary” movie looks good, and Ewan McGregor stars in it! The story does seem eerie. Another to add to the list, for sure.

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