Cute, Simple, Elastic Skirt.

Tabitha at The Sewing Nook asked if anyone was making their own clothes. I haven’t made any clothes for myself since I was at Uni but a couple of weeks ago I helped my daughter make an elastic skirt (no pattern) and I also started a skirt for my youngest daughter (still not finished!).

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2)

It’s so easy…

All we did was cut out two rectangles (wide enough to go around my daughter’s waist when pinned together and long enough so that when complete it would be knee-length). Then she sewed the two rectangles right-sides together, sewed the hem and waistband, threaded the elastic through the waistband and then finished off with a bit of decorating – cute little ribbon bow-ties for the owls and a pink ribbon trim along the hem. When it was finished I thought, “It would’ve looked nice with some pockets.” Oh well, next time. Also, when sewing the next skirt I’ll cutย the rectangles slightly wider as there wasn’t much room for movement.

Here’s the finished product with matching hair scrunchies!

IMG_5431 IMG_5433


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