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Along my blog travels today, catching up on reading Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, Friday Fictioneers and Perfect Picture Book Friday I came across some great blogs that I thought would be helpful to all my writer friends out there.

Here they are:

1)  Nortina  S. posted about the Sediments Literary-Arts Journal, an online publication that is now accepting submissions for it’s second themed issue entitled “A Haunting”.  For more information, click here.

2)  Through Keila Dawson’s blog I came across Sub It Club where I found a stack of writing competitions, Pitch Slam contests (from April through to September) along with information and helpful hints about querying and submitting. Everything you need to know to help get your work “out there”.

Here’s what they say – “Whether you’re a writer thinking about sending out your first manuscript, an artist sending out sample artwork, an old pro who’s submitted loads of manuscripts, agented or on your own, Sub It Club wants to support you. Whatever stage you’re in, whatever genre. Sub It Club is here to help you make something amazing happen! We’ll be posting submission information, motivation, and challenges. We’ll talk cover and query letters.”

3)  If you’re interested in the Pitch Slam Contest on Sub It Club, there’s one coming up on the 9th April 2015.  Click here for submission details.  Looks like fun!

4)  Last but not least – Through Stacy S. Jensen’s blog I found Rate Your Story – Before you send in a picture book manuscript or magazine article to a publisher or writing competition, send it to Rate Your Story and a volunteer published author will read over it and give you a score from 1-10.  It’s that easy!

Hope everyone had a great Easter and a nice relaxing holiday.

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