Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers- From Where I Stand

Thank you to Dawn M. Miller for this week’s photo.

This post is a response to the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (8th April), hosted by Priceless Joy of Beautiful Words.

From Where I Stand

This day, on their twentieth wedding anniversary she felt not an ounce of love for him.  Over the years, the fire that had fueled their exciting and passionate love affair had slowly burned out, leaving nothing but resentment.

As the wind chimes sang their mournful melody, Jessica tiptoed onto the verandah and gently brushed her husband’s shoulder.

“Happy Anniversary,” she whispered.

Absorbed in his own bleak emptiness, Steven reluctantly turned towards her and lightly kissed her cheek. Without the glint of a smile, he muttered, “Thanks,” and returned to his position by the railing.

Across the road, James looked up from his newspaper and waved.   Jessica waved back.

From where she stood, the grass was definitely greener on the other side.

(127 words)

30 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers- From Where I Stand

  1. Great story. You illustrate the misery of their relationship really well. I hope she doesn’t find herself too disappointed if she does cross over to try the ‘greener grass’.


  2. It’s sad that the relationship has become so dull and the fire of passion long-since extinguished. The couple can barely raise a smile between them, even on their wedding anniversary. James seems like a much better option for Jessica. Well told. 🙂

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  3. Cheaters, cheaters, read all about it!

    The slow destruction of their relationship seems to have exhausted any chance of rekindling that flame. Or so it seems.

    Jessica’s eyes don’t seem to be set on the prize of raising the dead. They’re set on James’ greener assets.

    And Steven, who knows where his gaze is set on, but his mind is clearly somewhere else. Maybe another woman, work, or just a different life than the one he’s living with Jessica (in a way, cheating, too). It’s hard to feel bad for him when it seems like he wouldn’t even care if she slithered over to James. Actually, it seems like he would want her to give them a reason to officially lay this cold, decaying relationship to rest.

    Another great piece!! Thanks for the read

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