Pie Maker

We have so many cooking gadgets in our kitchen it’s not funny and not enough space to store them.  My husband is continuously on the lookout for ‘bargains’ and always brings home things that are sometimes pretty cool but never or hardly ever get used, like the mini pancake machine and the chocolate fondue set.  We also have the popcorn maker, rice maker, steamer, juicer, wok, ice-shaver, slow cooker…  I’m sure there’s more!

This week he came home with an icing turntable (suppose it could come in handy for icing birthday cakes) and a pie-maker. Now, the pie-maker we will definitely use.  Already tried it out last night to make some steak and vegetable pies and then I whisked up some eggs and made a few quiches as well.  Very tasty and easy to make.

Do you have a favourite appliance that you get a lot of use out of?  Or do you have unused appliances taking up all your cupboard space?


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16 thoughts on “Pie Maker

  1. I do have my share of small appliances…I love the electric grill for cooking pancakes (non-stick with controlled heat makes perfect pancakes), I got rid of the small meat cooker….too much trouble cleaning it after use. My electric steamer is fantastic…easy, quick, and hardly any cleaning!


  2. I have a number of gadgets, but nowhere near as many a you. I have an electric steamer, grill, blender, slow cooker and food processor. Oh and a sandwich toaster that rarely gets used and the obligatory coffee machine. The pie maker looks very interesting. I make a lot of pies, both savoury and sweet.

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  3. My hubs is an impulse “bargain shopper” as well, so I feel your pain!! That gadget looks amazing though! Savory or sweet pies in a jiffy! Favorite appliance as of late would have to be a Ninja blender we got a few years ago for Christmas. It has this awesome smoothie attachment with cups, so I can just blend and go! Along with an espresso maker and our toaster oven, it is one of the few appliances I allow on our counter as it is used almost daily. 🙂

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