Flash Fiction- End of the Line

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is back again thanks to Priceless Joy.  Here’s the picture prompt:

Thanks Vanessa for the photo!

End of the Line

Millbrae Station runs only when needed. Due to possible lengthy wait times between trains, passengers must be ready to board as soon as their train arrives.  Nobody knows what happens if you miss your train, but there’s sure to be dire consequences.

In the dead of night a large crowd begins to congregate at the station.  Bare feet shuffle along the platform and loved ones whisper their final goodbyes.  They can barely be heard among the whistling breeze and the haunting screech-owls hooting back and forth.

Some passengers, eager to be first, push their way through to the yellow line.  They lean over the tracks, craning their necks, curious to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The train arrives, screeching to a halt and all is silent and still.

“All aboard!” calls the conductor, and the passengers take their allocated seats.

Tears flow and family and friends blow kisses as the train gathers speed, transporting the restless souls from this world into the afterlife.

(166 words)

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25 thoughts on “Flash Fiction- End of the Line

  1. An effective and unexpected ending, Rachel. The idea of a journey into the afterlife is an interesting one, and is referred to in many ancient cultures. A modern train journey makes a great change – and a good read, too.

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  2. Great story. A passenger trains for souls into the afterlife. Nobody knows what happen if you miss it? I’d say you don’t have a choice but to catch it. Maybe it matters more where u get off. Just my opinion lol.

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  3. I love trains, but there’s also something sinister about them I think. Throughout the story, I had the sense that something bad was about to happen – but I was wrong. Train to the afterlife can’t be that bad.
    Beautiful writing!

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