Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Friend or Foe?

Thanks to Priceless Joy for this week’s picture prompt (photo credit: Ady)

Friend or Foe?

Carrying all of their worldly possessions in a backpack and as much food and water as they could, the small group crept through the long grass to the muddy river bank.  As the new day dawned they set sail, leaving death and destruction behind.

The price of freedom was high.  With empty stomachs screaming for food, parched throats and skin; blistered and peeling, they aimlessly drifted on the open sea for many days.

Had they narrowly escaped the claws of death on land, only to succumb to its smothering embrace at sea?

But then…

A humming sound…

A flash in the distance…

An hallucination or at long last, another boat?

A glimpse of hope, cheers of elation, knots twisting in their stomachs.

Afraid to encounter the occupants; friend or foe?

(130 words)

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11 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Friend or Foe?

  1. Oh! I can just feel their trepidation.. is this boat safe? Yet knowing they were going to have to trust that it was safe or die at sea. I think that it was a ship that was there to save them from certain death and to take them all to freedom. 🙂 Awesome story Rachel!

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  2. Awesome story. The tension was there and excitement of seeing a boat. Nice suspense at the end with the big question of friend or foe! It so sad that some people have to live in such fear for their lives while trying to gain their freedom.

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