Pitching to Publishers – Week 1

The AWM Pitching to Publishers Course started on Monday 4th May. I had some trouble logging in but after a couple of emails and a phone call I was finally able to access the course today and complete last week’s two activities.

The first one was an icebreaker activity where we had to answer a few questions about ourselves.

Here is my response:

Hi! My name is Rachel and last night we went out for a lovely mother’s day dinner at a Thai restaurant.
I was born in Rockhampton, central Queensland.  I would recommend the book,“Little Bee” by Chris Cleave. This book tells the compelling story of two courageous women who have suffered considerable hardships.  I read it on the Christmas holidays and couldn’t put it down.

For the second activity we had to write an elevator pitch.

An “elevator pitch” is the description you might give someone who asks about your novel, that is short enough to deliver in an elevator ride.  Due to the short time frame, your pitch needs to give a concise yet enticing sense of what your manuscript is about.

What we had to do:

Write between 100 and 200 words for your “elevator pitch”.

For fiction, include the five Cs: Category (genre), Called (title), Concept (the overarching idea), Conflict (the main obstacle or problem to overcome), and Characters.

Here is my elevator pitch:

“The Curse of the Shattered Sceptre” is an action-packed story full of magic, mystery and adventure for 9-12 year olds. After accidentally unleashing a torrent of curses from an ancient book of spells, Ollie and his book club buddies, Jasper, Jed, Liam and Eli must work together and use their wits and imagination to unravel a series of twisted clues. In a race against time and with many obstacles in their way,  the boys must face their deepest fears to find the missing shards of coloured glass belonging to the book of spells.  Once the book’s shattered sceptre is mended, the balance of nature will be restored.  However, if the boys fail, they will be cursed forever! 

(117 words)

I’m wondering if it’s too short – not enough information?  Or are the sentences too long??  I’d really appreciate some feedback as it seems that, apart from the tutor, there is only one other person doing the course!




7 thoughts on “Pitching to Publishers – Week 1

  1. Hi Rachel, it’s good, but I think you might be revealing too much. Omit however in the last sentence, shorten sentences for more suspense, which you do so well in flash fiction.’Unleashing a torrent of curses, by accident….Play with the sentences. Hope this helps. X

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    • Thanks for your help. I was wondering if I was telling too much of the story. When I first wrote it, it was only 60 words and I liked it short with just a few sentences that didn’t give away too much, but then I added more info trying to bump it up to between 100 and 200 words. Will have a bit more of a play around with it. x


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