Dying for Cake

Dying for Cake is Brisbane author Louise Limerick’s first novel and has The Australian Women’s Weekly Great Read sticker on the front.

And a great read it was!  The title caught my attention straight away and I couldn’t put it down.

Here’s some of the blurb:

“Life has taken an unexpected turn for the women in a mothers’ coffee group. Baby Amy has disappeared, and her mother, Evelyn, broken and distant in a psychiatric hospital, won’t utter a word.

Joanna is dying for cake.  Clare is longing to paint again.  Susan wants to claw back all the time she’s lost.  Wendy is trying to forget the past.  Then there’s Evelyn.  Nobody knows what Evelyn wants.  But how can she not want her baby back?”

All of the characters where intriguing and each had their own problems to deal with as well as trying to help Evelyn out of her trance so she would open up about what had happened to her baby.

Plenty of twists and turns and an interesting ending!


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