Book Week

From the 22nd August to the 28th August it was Book Week and many school students celebrated by dressing up as their favourite character and participating in lots of fun literacy activities.  My daughter dressed up as Hermione from Harry Potter.  The theme this year was Books light up our World.

We are celebrating Book Week next week with a movie day, bringing in our favourite book, bringing in our most unusual book, dress up day, writing competitions with sizzling starts, Indigenous Storytelling and a Spelling Bee Competition, so lots to look forward to.

If you would like to see The Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book of the Year Award Shortlist, click here.


Perfect Picture Book Friday – Dog Loves Books

Last Friday I chose  “The Children who Loved Books“.   Today I’ve chosen “Dog Loves Books”.

FullSizeRender (25)

Title: Dog Loves Books

Author/Illustrator: Louise Yates

Age Group: 4-8 year olds

Themes: bookshops, reading, creativity, imagination, sharing books.

Opening Lines: Dog loved books.  He loved the smell of them, and he loved the feel of them.  He loved everything about them.

Synopsis (blurb from back of the book): Dog loves books about dinosaurs, and Dog loves books about aliens: in fact Dog loves all books!  Dog has his very own bookshop, although he doesn’t have many customers.  But that’s all right, because when Dog is surrounded by books, he is never short of friends or fun.

What I like about the book: This story also celebrates books and encourages reading.  While reading, Dog forgets where he is and gets caught up in the adventures of the story.  I also like the water-colour illustrations.

FullSizeRender (26)

FullSizeRender (27)Resources: Activities for parents and teachers can be found here.

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Perfect Picture Book Friday (PPBF) – The Children Who Loved Books

Peter Carnavas is one of my favourite Australian authors. I have been lucky enough to meet him twice: I went to his book launch for “The Boy on the Page” and I also attended one of his writing sessions at the Children’s and Young Adult Writers And Illustrators Conference last year in Brisbane.

Title: The Children Who Loved BooksFullSizeRender (24)

Author/Illustrator: Peter Carnavas

Age Group: 4-8 year olds

Themes: family, reading, closeness

Opening Lines: Angus and Lucy didn’t have very much. They didn’t have a television. They didn’t have a car.

Synopsis (blurb from back of the book): Angus and Lucy love books. They have hundreds of them. Then one day, all the books are taken away, and Angus and Lucy discover they need books more than they ever imagined.

They didn't even have a house.

They didn’t even have a house.

But Angus and Lucy had books...  hundreds of them.

But Angus and Lucy had books… hundreds of them.

What I like about the book: This story celebrates books and reading and shows how books can bring people and families together. You don’t need televisions and fancy cars. As long as you’ve got each other and a book to share, then life is good! The story is warm and moving, like most of Peter Carnavas’ books. I also love his illustrations; the bright colours and lovable characters.
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Resources: I found some great activities at The Little Big Book Club

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Blogging 101 Assignment #1 – What I do and why

When I started my blog a few years ago I was focused on writing a children’s picture book and mainly wrote posts about reading and writing – book reviews, writing competitions, library activities, children’s authors and illustrators etc but then I decided to branch out a bit, adding posts about my hobbies – scrapbooking, cooking, sewing and other crafts.  From now on, as well as writing about these themes, I’m also keen to write about whatever comes to mind.

I’ve got a busy month ahead of me.  I will have bum on seat, eyes glued to my screen pretty much everyday because as well as participating in Blogging 101, reading your posts, commenting and writing posts, I am also participating in a “Pitching to Publishers” Course.   I’m hoping to learn a lot of new things.

Looking forward to meeting lots of bloggers and reading lots of posts in the next few weeks.

Rachel 🙂

Book Toast Rack

I saw the Book Toast Rack on Zoe’s blog, Playing by the Book (check out her post here).  What a great idea.  She was looking around in a charity shop when she saw an old toast rack and decided it would make a great book holder so her kids could read during breakfast (or any meal!)  I already had one in my cupboard (engagement or wedding present?) so grabbed it out and slotted a whole stack of Mr Men and Little Miss books into it.  Now it sits neatly on the table ready for the girls to enjoy while eating their toast.


I’m sure there’d be heaps of ‘treasures’ in the op shops that could store or display books. Have you made any book displays from recycled materials?

Rudy Toot!

Last week I was down in Melbourne (in the sunshine – I was expecting cold wet days!) visiting my family and two gorgeous nephews.  My 2 and a half year old nephew loves books so on the day before we left (I think I left it a bit too late) I was out at Dymocks trying to find him some books.  I had three in mind – Sebastian lives in a Hat by Thelma Catterwell and illustrated by Kerry Argent about an orphaned baby wombat who is raised in a brown knitted cap.

The Children Who Loved Books by Peter Carnavas – just because I love this book.

And Rudy Toot!, written and illustrated by Chris Kennett.  With hilarious rhymes and bright colourful illustrations my daughters and my nephew loved this story.  We already owned the book as Miss 3 chose it earlier in the year at the school book fair.  The story is about three little elephants who love to make music together. Judy goes BLOOT! Trudy goes FLOOT! But stinky little Rudy does a great big TOOOOOOOOT!

In the end, only The Children Who Loved Books was available so I bought that one and we left our copy of Rudy Toot! in Melbourne.

My nephew loved both books but I think you’ll be able to guess which one he wanted to listen to over and over again!

Have you come across any funny picture books lately?

National Bookshop Day

Today is National Bookshop Day so if you’re a fan of books, pop out to your local bookshop, browse the shelves and buy a book or two to show your support.  I remember this time last year I was in Melbourne and bought a couple of books from a lovely bookshop/cafe.  Unfortunately there are no bookshops in my town (I would love to run a bookshop/cafe … when I win the lotto!!) so my girls and I went to our local second hand bookshop – Book in Hand.  We were there scouting around for nearly an hour and came home with eight children’s picture books.  Next week we will venture out to Dymocks as I want to buy my nephew “Sebastian lives in a Hat” by Thelma Catterwell, illustrated by Kerry Argent.

Are you buying any books today?  What did you purchase?

Love2read – The Reading Hour 2013

The Reading Hour – 24th August. Pop it in your diary!

Book Links (Qld) Inc

Love2read is a collaborative project joining public libraries, government, community groups, media and commercial partners, and of course the public.

In 2012 Love2read ran The Reading Hour. They are doing it again in 2013. Sharing a book with your child for 10 minutes a day, and hour a week is the aim of The Reading Hour on 24 August 2013. Love2read knows it’s not always possible to read to your child every night so have designed an official celebration of reading, in the form of The Reading Hour to highlight the need to read to children so they have the best chance of becoming a good reader, with all the social and educational benefits that that brings. The hour runs from 6 – 7pm.

For resources, including promotional packs and merchandise, head to their website to check out what they have on offer. Book Links supports any and every project…

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International Book Giving Day

Thursday, 14th February 2013 (as well as being Valentine’s Day and the day that legend, Barry Gibb visits Redcliffe!) is International Book Giving Day.  It’s a fantastic idea and a great way to spread the love of reading and get more books into the hands of children.  

There are three ways in which you can help celebrate International Book Giving Day.

1. Give a Book to a Friend or Relative – Give a child a new, used or borrowed book.

2. Leave a Book in a Waiting Room or Lobby –  The amount of good quality books that I’ve seen in doctor’s and dentist’s waiting rooms are few and far between.  You could even leave a book in a restaurant that has a children’s play area.  Optometrist, Chiropractor, etc.

3. Donate a Book – Clean out your cupboards and bookshelves and get together a box or two of books that your children have outgrown.  Donate these books to your local second hand shop, library, kindergarten, gym creche, childcare centre, school, children’s hospital or shelter.  Or you could send them to the flood and bushfire affected areas.

So, we’ve got just over a week to sort through our bookshelves or buy some new books and decide whether to GIVE, LEAVE or DONATE.  I have collected a bunch of books ready to donate to the children’s section of the hospital.  I hope you can support this worthy cause too by sharing the joy of books and reading.  Just imagine the smiles on the faces of all the  children receiving your lovely books.

If you’d like more information about International Book Giving Day have a look at The Book Chook’s Blog.


Summer Reading Club

The Moreton Bay Region Libraries Summer Reading Club finishes today and the girls have gone all out these holidays reading, looking at books and being read to.  Yesterday Miss 7 only had half an hour of reading to do to reach her goal of 25 hours so she sat on the couch and finished her book, “Trixie, the Halloween Fairy.”

On Wednesday we attended the Summer Reading Club Party at our local library and both girls had a fantastic time playing games, dancing and eating party food.  Miss 3 was lucky enough to win the lucky door prize for her age group – a $25 Dymocks voucher!!

If you missed out on the Summer Reading Club these holidays look out for it again in December 2013.

We’re heading back to the library tomorrow to catch up with a friend for story time and craft activities. Gotta love the air-conditioning too!