Two pairs of jeans equals two handbags and two skirts -Part One

If you’re looking for beautiful handmade things have a look at Tabitha’s blog, The Sewing Nook, She is very talented and crafty and is always making adorable bags, hair accessories and bunting.  In her post “A sneak peak and re-purposing jeans”  she used scraps of denim to make a gorgeous purse and cosmetic bag.

During my time off I cut up two pairs of old denim jeans (from the op shops) and made two handbags, a denim skirt for my daughter and a denim skirt for myself.  I haven’t finished the two skirts yet or my handbag, however, the handbag I made for Miss 9 is complete.

*  First of all I cut the legs off the jeans (just under the zip).  The top halves are easily turned into handbags (side seams are already sewn so it’s just the bottom to sew up and you can decorate with pockets/flowers/stripes etc and add the straps).

*  The material from the legs was used to make the skirts.

*  I cut off the pretty floral embroidery at the bottom of the jeans to make pockets for Miss 9’s handbag and pockets for Miss 5’s skirt.

FullSizeRender (6) FullSizeRender (5)

*  I neatened off the edges to make the pockets and added some pretty pink ribbon, then attached the pockets to the front of the handbag.

*  Then I turned the bag inside out so right sides were together and stitched up the bottom.

*  Using material from the legs I cut 4 long rectangles to make the straps – sewed them right sides together and then turned them back in the right way to sew to the inside of the bag.

*  And… Voila! Miss 9’s bag was ready.  She loves it and has taken it to the movies a few times as it’s big enough to hold a water bottle, snacks and a small cardigan.







Now to finish my handbag and the two skirts!!
What crafty creations have you been making?